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24 February 2011 @ 11:31 pm
Well, seeing as I already have all the replies, here are the results for Challenge 27!
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The sidebar has been updated! Any disagreements on anything, just say ;)

Now, the letters themselves :D They were *amazing*, seriously! And you all wrote the replies so quickly! *_* I was expecting you all to procrastinate like I did. And I just needed to say that I went a teeny tiny bit mental with my reply. Muses were awakened. I need to write more.

BUT ANYWAY, following are all of the letters, and their respective replies! Well done!

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You guys are just *amazing* :D I am in awe of these letters!
And if any of you want to write a reply to your reply, feel free to ;D
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19 February 2011 @ 11:27 pm
(Is he that polite?)

Challenge: So, five of you sent in your letters in Challenge 27, now it's time to reply to someone's letter! I have just sent to you a letter in a PM. If you entered, check out your inbox and read the letter. Then, from your magical minds, form a response to that letter. I've paired you up best I could with the information you gave me, so hopefully you'll all be alright with 'em.
It's obvious, but I'll say it just to make sure: you are writing as the recipient of the letter, to the author of the letter. So if you get a letter addressed to Joe Trohman, you're writing as Joe Trohman, aiight?


Writing a reply letter: 20 points

Deadline: Sunday 27 February @ 11:59 GMT

How To Enter:
Either send it direct to my inbox, or post it as a comment in this post. If you haven't received a message, or I've sent you your own letter or something silly, just say. Good luck!
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19 February 2011 @ 11:06 pm
Late results are late ^///^

First up: Grab Bill Beckett.
It was pretty quiet over there, until the deadline passed, when everybody turned up xD
So, uh, I'm gonna stick with what I said and award the points to the person with Billiam when the deadline passed: carolbrown!
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And now: Comm Banner Voting!
You'll (hopefully) have already seen the winning banner proudly displayed at the top of the comm ;D
So, your first place winner was:
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Hooray! As fourtysteps wonderfully put it when voting:

"OH MY GOODNESS, you can really tell all the hard work and time put into these beautiful banners! idk how i'm going to be able to decide between them all :("

Which I couldn't agree with more. They were all amazing banners! Points definitely deserved ;D
...and I just realized I hadn't specified any points for the winning banner. Hurrrr. Well, if you don't mind, I'm going to re-use the Comm Icon points; 50 for the first place, 25 for second place. And as it turns out, all three other banners were tied in points! It was *one* point which made that banner win. Good, huh? :D

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The sidebar has been updated! Any disagreements on anything, just say ;)

Challenge 27.5 coming very soon. ;D
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15 February 2011 @ 08:17 pm
(You know you want him.)

Challenge: I've been lurking on some forums, and I found this amusing game for you guys. It is your job to take Bill Beckett from the person above you, and keep him as your own. That is, until the next person takes him off you. The person who has Billiam in their possession the second the deadline arrives is the winner, and gets to keep him forever~ :D

"I take Bill Beckett and lock him in my cupboard"
"I kick down noelsayalright's cupboard door, take Bill Beckett and hide him under a big white sheet."

"I pull off the big white sheet and put Bill Beckett into my local postbox."


Participating: 5 points
Having Bill Beckett at the end of the game: 50 points

Deadline: Friday 18 February @ 11:59 GMT

How To Enter:
Leave a comment taking Bill Beckett from the person above you! You can *only* take from the last person to comment, and you can comment as many times as you want to claim him as your own.

SO, to start you all off:
I take Bill Beckett, and hide him under my desk.
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14 February 2011 @ 10:25 pm

(Get your vote on!)

Challenge: OK, so I suck at remembering deadlines ^///^
ANYWAY, we've had 4 beautiful entries for the team banner, and you know what comes next, ay?

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C'est vrai! Aren't they just gorgeous? Now, vote for your favourite!


Voting for a banner: 10 points

Deadline: Friday 18 February @ 11:59 GMT

How To Enter:
Put the number of your chosen banner in a comment! Please don't vote for your own, and try not to reveal which is yours until it's all over.

The second part of Challenge 27 will be coming when I finally manage to write one ;D Because there's an odd number of them right now, so it wouldn't work unless I added one to the mix. Saying that, if any of you haven't entered yet, feel free to until the second part is posted. Just ignore the deadline and play against how on the ball I am.
I actually allow that. If you enter it a day late and I haven't posted the results yet, I allow it. But you didn't hear that.
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07 February 2011 @ 05:45 pm
(Everyone's a winner!)

Challenge: This is probably going to be one of the easiest challenges you've ever participated in. No, honestly. It's so simple a blind monkey with Down's Syndrome can do it. Your challenge is to play QWOP. Simple, right? 
... Alright, I lied. QWOP is damn hard, but absolutely friggin' hilarious. And I want to see if anyone has the strength and perseverance to make it through to the end. So go and play QWOP, and then let me see a screenshot of your results. I'm gonna say you have three tries - you can either screenshot all three, or just the first and last, or whatever floats your boat. I'm gonna trust you to be honest about it, too, though I'm pretty certain you guys won't make it up. xD 
Just for the record, here's how well I did when I went to get an example screenshot for you just now.


And y'know, if anyone does exceptionally well, there may be some commemorative tag banners going out!


Playing QWOP and showing results: 20 points
Highest score: 100 points

Deadline: Friday 18 February @ 11:59 GMT

How To Enter:
Leave your screenshot in a comment as a link or an image, I don't mind which. Just show us somehow, and have fun!
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03 February 2011 @ 06:18 pm
Guys ... guys. This has been the most amazing challenge I have ever done. I don't think I've laughed so hard in my whole life x] You guys rock my socks! And it was really great to see that every single team participated in this challenge. :D I know that's not really new, but it's something I haven't seen for a little while. It's good to see you all getting involved again! :) 
Okay, here's the scores on the doors~ (By the way, 20 points per head was ... a bad idea. A very bad idea. XD) 

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The sidebar has been updated! Any disagreements on anything, just say ;)

And just before I go -- guys, Y U SO AMAZING. I've said it already, but this challenge was amazing. Seriously. Is there any chance you guys might want to do this sorta thing again? :) 
03 February 2011 @ 05:41 pm

(Please may I pet your mule?)

Challenge: This could potentially be very complicated, so ask as many questions as possible. :D
RIGHT. Your challenge is thus: write a letter to a member of your team band.
You can write to anyone in your team band, and you can write as anyone. So if you were in Team Barrington, you could write a letter to Mike Carden as yourself, as Joe Trohman, as Barack Obama, as Professor Frink, as James Dean Bradfield, as schneekrahe... anyone! It doesn't matter who it's from, as long as it's addressed to someone in your team band. Got that part?
Alright, now the letter itself could be about anything. You could write a love letter, ask them how their day was, set a lunch date, reminisce about a night out, whatever you want. As long as it don't get *too* offensive, you're alright.
And it doesn't have to be a long letter, don't go mental. Around 300 words would cut it, but it's up to you how much you decide to write.

Now, the second part of this challenge will be coming later, where everyone who entered the challenge will have to respond to one of the letters. So if there are any people you definitely do not want to write as, tell us when you enter so we know to try not to pair you up as them. So if you know absolutely nothing about Cobra Starship, it's probably best to say so you don't end up writing as Ryland.


Writing a letter: 20 points

Deadline: Thursday 10 February @ 11:59 GMT

How To Enter:
Leave your letter in a comment, along with any people you don't want to write as (if you have some, of course). Fun fun fun! I will be entering ;D

Understood? Get writing!
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03 February 2011 @ 05:19 pm

(More graphics? Yes.)

Challenge: Now that you've had a go at spicing up your team comm, how about spicing up the main comm?
Your challenge is to make a banner for the top of this community!
A few design musts:
  • It must be 700px in width, but the height is up to you. I recommend somewhere between 300-450px, but it's up to you
  • It must say "Decaydance Land" on it somewhere. Obviously.
  • It must represent all teams in some way. How you do this is up to you, but it can't just be a picture of Fall Out Boy, we need at least one person from each team band on there. If you chose to put people on it, of course.
Just like with the comm icon, there'll be a voting period afterwards, and the winner will be proudly displayed for all to see! Hooray!


Submitting a banner: 30 points

Deadline: Sunday 13 February @ 11:59 GMT

How To Enter:
Leave your banner / a link to your banner in the comments!
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03 February 2011 @ 04:56 pm
Here, as promised, the results for Challenge 24!

Now, I thought this challenge was ridiculously hard. I neglected to make a note of the actual answers before I posted it, so I had to work them out for myself ^///^ And even with the knowledge of which songs were probably in it, it was still super tricky.

So seriously, congratulations! That was incredible! Here are the answers:

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...and the results!

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The sidebar has been updated! Any disagreements on anything, just say ;)

NEXT UP: ~2~ more challenges from me, one from Brenny (when I poke her about it) and because I'm in a Photoshop mood, someone might just be getting a commemorative tag banner ;D
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